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Jean-Marc Dupré

Jean-Marc has studied Printmaking at both the Ècole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dijon, France and in the early eighties at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. He learnt his skill and developed his art practice under the tuitions of some of the most significant artist-printmakers of the pre-digital age. At the schism of the ‘Numerical Revolution’ he argued in his theses about the values of emulsion B&W photography as a valid form of printmaking practice along with the axioms of Photography as an art form.

Today, stemming from 30 years of professional experience with most forms of printing - both of demoted artistic practices (ie. wet darkroom and analogue photography, gravure and screen printings) and modern commercial techniques (ie. stochastic halftone screening, large format digital printing) - Jean-Marc had recognised early on what the potential of the emerging digital printing technology had to offer to him. Now he is using this unprecedented avenue for fine printing as an unrivalled medium of production for his work. He currently finds in these computerise possibilities, a way to mix his photographic endeavor with an intended printing form that is neither a simile reproduction, nor mass production, but duly relevant to the pursuit of his printmaking as an art form.

The production of this portfolio aims to conciliate the vanishing techniques of silverhalide photography with current Gicleé* pigment ink digital printing. This quality product has been assembled together as a signed and numbered collectable publication and equates for Jean-Marc to a renaissance of his printmaking practice in the digital age.


In a collaborative association with Two Moon Press, this publishing opportunity has given Jean-Marc Dupré an integral publication mean for his work where his artistic form of photography coalesces in this printed book presentation. The work presented in this portfolio is dated to a time when photographic analogue techniques prevailed. Finally, the works have now taken their intended form of a limited edition Artist'’s Book.

It presents the photographic concepts of Theatre of the Instant and of Photo Roman in a selected four folios of work.

Two Moon Press offers this unique publication in a strictly Limited Edition of 50 Gicleé printed books. Printed by the artist with an Epsom 17inch digital printer on Innova Fibaprint archiveable 280gsm matt coated paper using proprietary pigment ink, processed via an efi RIP processor from high resolution scanned B&W negatives.

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