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Photo Roman

Emerging from the photographic concept evolved in Theatre of the Instant, Photo Roman is a stylistic approach to visual narrative. The basic rhythm and the evoked entre-image, created throughout the folios of Photo Roman allows a construct of thoughts and of objects from reality to meet and initiate a story-like pattern in the viewer's mind. Despite the prosaic form of photography, these visual epigrams quickly become a priori philosophical fables, asserted by the ‘poet’ in a sincere and lyrical form.

Photo Roman is formed to date by three folios of works entitled:

• The Cage, 1984 - Series of 19 B&W photographs

• The Bomb That Came in from the Cold, 1986 - Series of 76 B&W photographs

• The Character, 1987 - Series of 12 B&W photographs

Speech is but broken light upon the depth of the unspoken. George Eliot

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