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Two Moon Press is a dedicated art publishing house specialising

in limited edition artist prints and books printed on-demand.

An initiative of photographer and printmaker Jean-Marc Dupré

who has been inspired with a vision of the rich possibilities of

combining digital printing technology with an appealing book

designs, to create unique collectable hand bound and boxed works.

Two Moon Press creates opportunities for collaboration with

artists wanting to platform their art by publishing short run, print

on-demand, high quality limited editions.

Artists published by Two Moon Press


New Branches on an Old Tree 2006

Six folios of 38 diptychs with four folios of diary

Edition of 50 - 380x210mm in a wooden box

ISBN 0-646-46527-9


RM. 1115 (Hotel Ibis) 2007

Boxed DVD with Book of 10 images from the performance

Edition of 15 - 140x140mm

ISBN 978-0-646-473673

Jean-Marc DUPRÉ

Theatre of the Instant 2011

Four folios of 119 photographs with Manifesto

Edition of 50 - 270x180mm in metal carry case

ISBN 978-0-646-56003-8

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