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"The particular action of the light upon the mind, the effects of all kinds of luminous vibrations must be investigated, along with new ways of spreading the light waves, in sheets, in fusillades of fiery arrows..."…”

First Manifesto, Theatre of Cruelty, 1953 - Antonin Artaud

The interior of the Interiors

The amount of exchanges between two spaces inherent in a photograph – the first Interior is the physical space of a printed image, the second Interior is the frame of the mind of the viewing spectator. This exchange is the process with which Photography in this duality is in essence concerned with.

This ‘two sided’ effect is the process of an art exploration which is permitted as a rite of passage for human consciousness and an evocation of a parallel world soliciting an elucidation and an engagement.

The eruption of Interiors from elsewhere into the present frame of perception and the perpetual reaction and friction between symbols and their meanings urges the spectator’s mode of vision to be challenged. The existential clues that come to affect our perception are irreversible latent images anchored in our memory brought to the surface from our unconsciousness as universal myths or privy legends.

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